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Every volunteering experience moves you forward. You learn something by helping someone. And IM-PROVE can help you. It will translate your experience into the language of numbers and skills so that you can see how the volunteering experience has helped in developing your abilities.
Are you wondering how to expand your skillset? With our app, you can plan your personal growth. We will recommend specific areas on which to focus so that you can take a direct path towards your goals.
Your profile is private but it would be a pity not to brag! You can share the link to your public profile on your social media accounts or in your resume so that prospective employers would see what a hard worker you are.

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How IM-PROVE works
Volunteering is a great way to learn new things. Our app will show you which competencies have you developed through volunteering and which need some polishing off. Simply note a situation you've been through and we'll propose further steps for your personal development.

It doesn't matter if you're part of an organization or volunteer on your own when you've got a spare moment. Our app works for all. You don't have to install anything, just register and you can start filling your profile with experience.

The IM-PROVE application is based on an algorithm that shows areas improved through volunteering. Simply record the situation, rate how you dealt with it, add a few more details and that is it. The system automatically connects the data you entered with competencies you developed. You can then share your results with your friends, teachers or employers who will then clearly see how volunteering contributed to your personal and professional development.
You know what they say – no pain no gain. We all have areas that we could work on to get better. What is important though is to know how! The list of competencies gives you an overview of situations that you haven't been through yet and that are relevant to the skill you want to master. Actively getting involved in the situation is then up to you. The app will also help you to establish goals for your learning process and show you skills that lead to your goal.
The app will create a neat profile of the skills you have developed thanks to volunteering. You can then share the link to your profile on your social media, in your CV or on your LinkedIn profile.
INEX-SDA is NGO founded in 1991 whose primary activities are centered around the area of international voluntary work. Their main objective is to enable people to help where their help is most needed. At the same time our aim is to make this contribution beneficial also to the volunteers in terms of obtaining new life and work experiences which they can later on use in their careers.


INEX–SDA, z.s.
Varšavská 30, Praha 2 – Vinohrady
120 00, Czech Republic

tel.: +420 222 362 713
fax: +420 222 362 719
IM-PROVE was created within the project "Improve Your Impact", funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Zavod Voluntariat is a partner organization of INEX-SDA, which contributed to the creation of the IM-PROVE application. Their mission is to promote the ideas of peace, social justice, sustainable development, international cooperation and solidarity through volunteering work and volunteering projects. More info on